Do You Have What Our Qualified Buyers Are Looking For?

Our agents have clients with some specific needs that we haven’t been able to fill yet. Their buyers are pre-screened and financially qualified to purchase at these price points. If you have a home or property that meets any of these requirements, please reach out to our agents. We always have new buyers and this page is updated regularly. Homes are in high demand and it is a great time to sell! 

Click below to see what our agents are looking for - 

Jaylene Leonbruno, Lic RE Broker

Karen Heath, Lic Assoc RE Broker

Coleen Flynn, Lic RE Salesperson

Kelly Canuet, Lic RE Salesperson

Tammy De Blois, Lic  RE Salesperson

Richard "Rick" Kaczor, Lic RE Salesperson

Theresa Proler, Lic RE Salesperson